All the artists come from the communication world; designing, photography, and illustration. From here was born the mutual knowledge and in depth study of artistic aspects and the discovery that each one of them, though expressing diverse art forms always had points in common; the irony, the materiality, and the impact, sometimes violent, that a work of art has on the public. Therefore the desire to work together was born, creating a discussion group which meets regularly for confrontation, each person with their own ideas and forms of expression. A group where each member brings new creative energy. A continous flow of creativity, a sharing of each others skills and sensitivity.
The characteristic features of these artists, those that bond them as a group, are playfulness and irony (at times cynical). These are used to show daily life, expressive enthusiasm, the large artistic preparation, and self esteem and also certain recurring themes connected with the body, eroticism and a passion for living. In this way was born, that which took the name "Gruppo G" (G Group).

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