Cavassori has invented an original, exclusive way to interpret sculpture; a totally new and inedited technique in the contemporary artistic panorama. The artist uses polyurethane foam as his first choice for his sculptures. Inversing the procedures in regards to classic techniques, Cavassori does not sculpt from the "full", but inflates from the foam a form which he then fills. Injecting the foam into a previously sewn canvas form gives shape to turgid and sinuous forms which are then assembled by the artist. These are then painted in acrylics with a strong chromatic impact and sometimes covered in cloth or malicious clothes. The sculptures are then hung on the walls becoming protagonists in their surroundings. Having a strong visual impact, the sculptures repropose archetypal forms, which disconnected from any "visual grammar" or from any " classical preconceived shape" can at first be disorientting. But, it is thanks to their being primordial, oozing with ancient elements such as; heroics, sensuality, eroticism, violence, strength, or the essence of being human that the spectator is able to feel and more or less, consciously recognize.

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